Huge and Länsförsäkringar Stockholm are working together in order to offer you home insurance, giving you more security in your living. And for a good price. With Huge home insurance you get more than just cover for your belongings. You can feel more secure in other ways, for example, when you travel

The insurance has many parts
The following is covered by your Huge home insurance policy:

• Property contents protection

• Travel insurance

• Third party liability protection

• Insurance against assault

• Legal protection

• Comprehensive insurance

Property contents protection – basis for cover
Property contents protection covers personal items found at home, for example furniture and clothes. Protection covers amongst other things, burglary, damage and fire.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance gives you and your family security when you travel up to 45 days. You can receive compensation, for example, for medical costs incurred through sickness or an accident, theft or a terminated trip.

Third party liability protection
Protection applies if someone claims damages because you have caused injury to persons or property. In addition to paying any damages claims, we can help plead your cause at a subsequent trial.

Insurance against assault
Cover applies if you or someone in your family is subject to assault or any other kind of physical violence. Compensation is paid according to a fixed rate.

Legal protection
Cover applies if you go to trial at a public court and can compensate your legal costs.

Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive insurance covers sudden and unforeseen damage to personal property and valuable goods. This is not usually a part of other home insurance policies. However, with Huge home insurance this is included as standard without extra cost.

The cost of your home insurance depends on how many room you have in your apartment. It is as simple as that.

Details are published along with our conditions
Please order them by calling 08-562 834 00. These conditions always apply in the event of a claim.

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The insurance can be purchased by those who have a first hand tenancy contract for a Huge property.

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